Bazett/Frank House 1939


While technically not the first Usonian home in California, the Bazett/Frank house is the first home which adhered strictly to Usonian principles. Originally built for the Bazetts, a childless married couple, only 2 years later the home would be sold to Louis and Betty Frank, and would undergo a great adaptation of purpose, as the Franks planned for a larger family. Built on a hexagonal grid, many of the homes elements were sized to fit precisely into that hexagonal shape.

While interior photography is not allowed, guests will be allowed to have their photo taken inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s smallest bedroom ever, nicknamed the “Mummy Room” by the Frank family.


Tours will be conducted by Laurence Frank, and all proceeds will go towards (not surprisingly) a roof replacement fund.

Prices are determined by the owner and subject to change. Please send an email to to ensure the owner is available for the date you are requesting

Bazett/Frank House Tour