Pappas House Masonry Restoration

Pictured is the initial meeting with Ken Uracius of Stone & Lime Inc. regarding restoration of the Pappas house. Ken’s company will be providing the masonry work for the restoration, as it did for the Khalil house, the White House (yes, that one), Blair house, Monticello, and is doing for the ongoing work at Florida Southern college. Among the items on the table are the original blueprints used to build the house.

In preparation for replacement of the 57 damaged ornamental blocks around the home’s periphery a 3D print model was used to create a test block before the final 57 were cast. Next step will be the replacement of the blocks this spring.

Update: We recently traveled up north and while there took the opportunity to visit Stone & Lime, our textile block manufacturer in Massachusetts where the final ornamental blocks are being completed, as well as a prototype corner block. Many thanks to Ken and Chris for the tour and the work. Block installation will begin in the coming weeks as the temperatures improve. Be sure to scroll down to see the latest photos taken at Stone & Lime.